Quasar combo

quasar combo

YGOPRO - 2 Cards 2 Quasar Combo Summon 2 Quasar with 2 Cards?? Yes it so easy because new broken. Decided to take the challenge of working on a combo for summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon under the new. Go here for more Synchron related combos: millennum.de comments/3it05o. Here's the low quality demo video I made for 1 card quasar a while back which only requires Terrortop or Barrage going first. Quasar, Star Eater, Deskbots and in the scale, and any other Deskbot card in the hand. Added the deck i'm using, just so I might personally learn a little more about the combos that exist within the deck here it is: Gigavise Plants can pull it off with 2 cards, whilst being able to pull off loads of other crazy combos should it need. Well the only decks I know that can get quasar out consistently are Junk Doppel and Plant Synchrons.

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How to Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon

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I've only ever got quasar out once and that was even after using Soul Charge and setting my lifepoints back 3k, but i'd like to learn things like easy tips and tricks, little combos that can plus you from open hand to atleast some support. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. I mean, it would suck to miss out on that combo because you drew it alongside the combo pieces. Lonefire EFF, tributing Spore for Glow-Up Bulb. Field is now quasar and level eater with plus one in hand. You're right but it's also important to know the combos so you can plan ahead to what kind of plays you want to make instead of synchroing whatever you have available. quasar combo Field is now LV1 unknown synchron, LV8 Road Warrior, LV4 Junk Warrior. Lists Discussion General Yu-Gi-Oh! Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. At the very least there are a ton of 2 card combos for it. Look up combos for them and see which ones you like. Normal Summon , SS , search Activate IF, SS Sea Monster of Theseus SS Deskbot Jet Activate Deskbot Jet's effect to pop , Jet SS , 's effect SS from grave SS Star Eater using and Jet Avtivate Machine Dupe on , search and , SS from the graveyard with it's own effect.

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There's probably a strong correlation between this and the number of steps Longest non-blatantly looping combo for each? Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Wiki Community Discussion Weekly Deck Competition. If Supervise Equip Supervise to Gigaplant, SS Lonefire. Hopefully the post can help new players, as well, to understand how synchros work. Field is now LV2 formula synchron, LV6 Road Warrior, LV4 Junk warrior. Give credit and source content. Lonefire EFF, tributing Gigaplant for Lonefire, Supervise EFF will SS Gigaplant. This subreddit is not a marketplace. Hopefully the post can help new players, as well, to understand how synchros work. Usually just going for the 5-card draw and not going into Quasar is a better option depending on what you draw, especially if you run Quickdraw. Halberd Cannon " and " Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon ". The deck doesn't have any set combos, so it's a lot more flexible with what slotmachine game can le casino than plants or doppel would be, and this also leads to a myriad of online casino first deposit bonus plays www.casino salzburg you can make. If Supervise Equip Supervise to Gigaplant, SS Lonefire. Field is now level 5 junk warrior. The subreddit kostenlos spiele online ohne anmeldung players of casino slots dallas Yu-Gi-Oh! Ad blocker interference detected!

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